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The majority of investment sites within KSEZ is concentrated in the south of Poland in the Silesian Voivodeship, however the zone covers also sites in Opole and Lesser Poland voivodeships. In terms of location, communication, education, human resources and speed of development these are the places of exceptionally high investment potential.

Silesian Voivodeship

Area:  12,294 km²
Number of inhabitants: 4.7 mln
Density of population: 377 persons/km²  (with country’s average 122 persons)
Number of urban centres:  69

Here is the biggest urbanised area in Central-Eastern Europe - Silesian Conurbation (3.5 mln inhabitants). The average density of population in this area is 1900 persons/km2. In the conurbation centre lies the capital of the voivodeship - Katowice. It is the main city of the Upper Silesian Industrial Basin as well as of the Metropolitan Association of Upper Silesia. A positive influence on the development perspectives of the city is its location in the heart of the large, urbanised region consisting of 16 urban centres with nearly 3 million inhabitants.

Within the radius of 100 km from Katowice live 9 mn people, including 4,7 mn of Silesia inhabitants.

According to ranking created by Gdańsk Institute for Market Economics for years 2005-2016, the Silesian voivodeship excels in the amount of human resources (employment, number of qualified employees, graduates) as well as in labour costs (guaranteeing profitability of investment).

Human resources of the voivodeship are appreciated both by Polish and foreign employers. Employees are typified by highly developed work culture, knowledge and significant experience.
The future cadre is recruited from several dozen universities, higher schools, institutes of technology and academies, as well as trade schools.
Number of higher schools in Silesia constitutes 9.97% of all higher schools in the country (3rd place in region ranking). More than 100 thousand people are educated in these schools.

The province of Silesia agglomerates:

  • 279 comprehensive schools (GB secondary schools/ US high schools)
  • 138 profiled schools (GB secondary schools/ US high schools)
  • More than 900 technical and vocational colleges
  • 41 higher education schools

One of the largest universities in Poland is the Silesian University of Technology, which currently educates 32,000 students. It consists of 12 departments i.e. Architecture, Robotics, IT& Electronics, Building Industry. Students may also study in the university branches located in Katowice, Zabrze and Rybnik.